Rabieh Nursery and Kindergarten

10 Reasons Families Trust Rabieh Nursery & kindergarten

  1. Great Teachers
    We start with teachers who adore children. We train them in the programs they teach. And, we support them with continuing education.
  2. Safety & Security
    From our playgrounds to our complete safety plan, we watch every detail to offer you complete peace of mind. Every classroom, every toy and every piece of equipment is reviewed and checked.
  3. Commitment to the Highest Standards
    Rabieh Nursery has professional early childhood educators and has been one of the most well respected day care centers in Lebanon for over 24 years.
  4. Age-Specific Activities and Classrooms
    Daily learning activities aren't just fun at Rabieh Nursery, they are 100% age-appropriate. Children learn best by playing, exploring and doing. Our curricula series is based on these research-based concepts and practices for the unique needs of each age group.
  5. Great Support Team
    Our Education Department constantly researches and develops new curricula from Europe, United Sates and Canada. And we provide complete lesson plans and activity suggestions for every day for every classroom.
  6. Positive Learning Environment
    Every room is brightly colored, filled with books and energy, and features discovery areas for your child to explore. Your child will have fun learning through play where everything from chairs to toys is child-sized.
  7. Physical activities
    Each day we allow plenty of opportunities for children to develop. Each age group has its own appropriately designed Plays cape. Children develop muscles, social skills and motor skills while playing each day with their classmates.
  8. Parent Visits and Involvement Welcome
    We love involved parents! From parent forums and conferences to progress notes and written assessments — at Rabieh Nursery, you will feel welcomed, informed and involved every step of the way.
  9. All Meals Provided
    At Rabieh Nursery we provide freshly prepared breakfast and lunch every day.
  10. Convenient Transportation
    We make picking up and dropping off your child simple, safe and easy. Only licensed drivers ever operate our vehicles, and we use careful procedures for pickup and drop-off each day.